A work that honours the sacred gift that the poet Kostis Palamas granted to humanity, which is the timeless, prophetic and ecumenical Olympic Hymn. A priceless heritage, an indelible source of mental and physical perfection, which praises Olympism through reviving principles and values of Peace, Freedom, Democracy, Brotherhood, Equality, within the framework of fair play and sportsmanship.

Τhe edition of this book has the honour to be under the auspices of the International Federation of University Sports (FISU) and stands as a literature, cultural and athletic project with the cooperation of University professors from the fields of Education, Athletics and Art and the artistic contribution of the arts club of Patras “Kostis Palamas”. It is also under the supervision of the writer of the book, professor and doctor of Psychology and Physical Education, Theodore Mallias, former President of Hellenic Committee of University Sports and co-founder of the European University Sports Association.