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This album is indeed unique and truly outstanding!
In a world confronting with complex and continuing challenges, full of contradictions, frustrations, turbulences and irritations, the present book will be a precious tool to implement better knowledge of Olympics vision and principles.
We need it!

Claude-Louis Gallien

President of the International University Sports Federation, FISU


Prof. Theodore Mallias’s book touches upon the values of the Olympic movement dating back to the ideas of Αthletics in ancient Greece,  tries to evoke ethical feelings inspired by life and achievements of such a giant as Kostis Palamas, emphasizes the values of fair play in modern sports, which makes the book a valuable guideline for University Sports and can be introduced to university libraries as a historical and motivational book which  brings a strong educative message to young readers.


Adam Roczek

President of the European University Sports Association, EUSA


Τhe timeless work of our great poet, Kostis Palamas, is not only inextricably linked to Greek Poetry and Literature, but also realistically united to the institution of the Olympic Games, which, as everyone knows, were born in our country.
The mind and heart of the Greek creator achieved great things at that time and “gave birth” to immortal verses which soon became the internationally established modern Olympic Anthem, a symbol of the Olympic Movement and Olympic ideals.


Spiros I. Kapralos

President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee


Congratulations to professor Theodore Mallias for this excellent book that presents the history, culture and principles of the Olympism and promotes the Region of Western Greece.


Apostolos Katsifaras

Governor of Western Greece Region

This book presents the entire history of the Olympic Games, analyses the ideals the Games promoted, reveals their educational role, presents messages for peace and fraternization among peoples, exposes the attitude of leaders with regard to the Games and the philosophers’ views on their importance as well as the respect of the people for the Olympic victors.

Konstantinos Peletidis

Mayor of Patras