Through the lyrics of the Olympic Hymn, we aspire:

  1. To accentuate and highlight the greatness of Olympism and the Olympic ideals, a those were shaped by the cultivation and promotion of the Ancient Immortal Spirit, and which were dreamt to be revived in the modern Olympic Games by the Great educator Pierre De Coubertin, along with the president of the International Olympic Committee, Demetrius Vikelas.

  2. The Ancient Spirit of the Olympic Games to unite the hearts of people through the ideals of “Olympism”, so as the values of “fair play”, compete always with honorable manner” and “sportsmanship”, “compete for excellence”
    become a life principium for the modern Olympic Games.

  3. A part of the great poetic oeuvre of the “people’s poet” Kostis Palamas, to touch everyone’s heart. His poetry reflects the social consciousness, the human emotional moments and the struggle of the people for Freedom, Justice and Independence. His poetic language justly established him as a National Poet and Founder of Humanities.

  4. To strengthen and support in every way ( financial and moral ) the completion of the effort made ​​by the Association of Fine Arts of Patras "Kostis Palamas " as well as  every other  body for the enhancement of the house the great poet was born to a Museum of Culture , Olympism , and Literature.