With much care and love we created a 45 minute cultural and educational video with background music of our famous composer Alexandros Hahalis including a substantial part of the book,title “ Olympism-Olympic Hymn-Ancient Immortal Spirit-Kostis Palamas.

Through this project formed and highlighted the Olympic ideals since ancient times until today.

Thοse ideals emerged from the lyrics of the symbol of peace and rebirth of the world, the Olympic Hymn, of the great national poet Kostis Palamas.

Please peruse the video and if you have the opportunity to contribute to your capabilities financially or morally with a minimum offer aid to the Association Fine Arts of Patra "Kostis Palamas" to be able to continue to carry out together with cultural, social and humanitarian aims (goals) the highlight and promote Olympism, Olympic ideals and his gigantic poetic work.

We believe that soon the dream and the efforts from all of us could be a reality and the house that the poet was born and especially loved to become Museum of Civilization, Olympism, Letters and Arts.
We owe it not only to the poet but also in our country
The President of the Association of Patras Fine Arts “Kostis Palamas”
Dr. Mallias Theodore